Performance enhanced hosting for Content Management Systems

At Virya Technologies we know about Content Management Systems - we specialise in Joomla! and we do a lot of work with other systems such as Wordpress.

Our hosting is optimised to ensure that CMS websites run smoothly, and fast.

Bronze Hosting


£15 per month or £120 per year

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Our Bronze hosting package is our basic entry-level offering, which will suit most business and club websites.  The package offers:

  • 1Gb storage space
  • 5Gb monthly bandwidth
  • 5 databases
  • Unlimited Email accounts, FTP accounts and email lists
  • Host as many sites as you like

Silver Hosting


£20 per month or £240 per year

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Our Silver hosting package is our mid-level offering, which will suit most larger business and club websites. The package offers:

  • 5Gb storage space
  • 25Gb monthly bandwidth
  • 5 databases
  • Unlimited Email accounts, FTP accounts and email lists
  • Host as many sites as you like

Gold Hosting


£30 per month or £360 per year

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Our Gold hosting package is our top-end shared hosting offering, which will suit larger websites.  The package offers:

  • 10Gb storage space
  • 50Gb monthly bandwidth
  • 30 databases
  • Unlimited Email accounts, FTP accounts and email lists
  • Host as many sites as you like

Need a reliable website host?


At Virya Technologies we provide performance optimised hosting specifically targeted at dynamic websites known as Content Management Systems.  Some may call it geeky, but we call it super fast!


We offer shared hosting at three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - to meet the differing needs of our clients.  Starting from just £10 per month, we're confident you'll love our service as much as our servers. 


We also offer some pretty cool Managed Virtual Private Server and Managed Dedicated Server packages as well if you need your own server environment [and if you know what you're doing, we can provide unmanaged servers as well] - just drop us a line and we can talk you through the options (as we believe in finding out your specific needs and matching a server to them, rather than sell an 'off the peg' option which may cause you problems down the line).


All our contracts are managed via our customer support portal, so you have a complete overview of the tickets you have raised, their status, who is managing them, and what steps have been taken to resolve any problems.  You'll get access to this as soon as your hosting or server is provisioned.


Payment is generally made on a monthly basis in advance, but if you prefer to pay annually we can arrange this too - just choose the appropriate button and it'll take you straight to the payment page.  We can accept payment via PayPal using the system to the left, BACS (ideally via standing order), or over the telephone for all major credit and debit cards.


We are VAT registered, so if you are within the EU the usual VAT rules will apply, if you're outside the EU don't worry about it!

Check out some of our testimonials:

  • Website Hosting - Greyhound Homer

    Greyhound Homer is a charity finding homes for retired greyhounds and as such we need to have a constant presence on the internet.

    We have been working with Virya Technologies for a little over three years now.

    There is a website, forum, mass emailer and email services being run, all of which require 24/7 availability. The forum, in particular, provides advice and support for new and potential owners and also social aspects for more confident owners.

    The support and reaction times for any problem have been far superior to other webhosting services we have used previously.

    There is a person at the end of the email or phone who understands and talks without technical jargon.

    Sally Baalham
    Greyhound Homer
    RCN 269688

  • Website hosting - Jay Blake

    A website is a website is a website?? Oh how wrong we can all be.

    The same is true of hosting. It's not all the same, it's not all the same price and it certainly is not all the same service. It was only when I found the wonderful people of Virya Technologies that I knew the worry was being taken away.

    Making hosting work with your site and ensuring that the mystique is taken from it combined with their personal and professional ethics make them an obvious choice, sure things sometimes need a gentle (or not so gentle!) kick to make them work, however the team always ensure you know what's happening and get everything back up and running ahead of expectations.

    Would I use them again, without doubt - I'm just excited to see what it will be for.

    Thanks guys your fantastic!!!