What is Website Hosting?

Any resources which are accessible via the World Wide Web must reside on a server somewhere - hosting is the means by which space is provided on a server which allows you to 'upload' your resources so that other people can view and interact with them.

There are different types of hosting services depending on what kind of resource usage you require - if you have a fairly small website which doesn't have many big features, and you don't need to do things like sending out large email newsletters, you'll probably be fine on a shared hosting package.

If you need more resources - be that space, memory, or bandwidth, or you need more control over your hosting environment, you'll need to consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server. These allow you to have your own 'chunk' (in the case of a VPS) or entire server to yourself.

Which do I need

You may already know what kind of hosting you need, but if you're not sure don't worry - we know how confusing it can be trying to fathom out different hosting packages, so do just give us a call or drop us an email. You can see the various packages we offer below, just click through each one to read more.

At Virya Technologies we know about performance optimising hosting servers for Content Management Systems - we've specialises in Joomla! for over five years, and we do a lot of work with other systems such as Wordpress.  Our hosting is optimised to ensure that CMS websites run smoothly, and fast.