We do Linux

What is Linux?

Linux is an Open Source operating system, which powers a large proportion of technology today - from website servers to televisions and smartphones. Pretty much every time you surf the internet you'll be passing through several devices which run Linux.

Why is Linux so popular?

Linux has always been designed to run with minimal hardware requirements which means that it can run on old computers, but also that it runs extremely efficiently on high powered computers. Linux is also supported by a worldwide team of developers, who respond extremely quickly to any reports of vulnerabilities and bugs - Linux machines are very rarely infected by viruses or trojans as a result.

Aren't there different types of Linux?

There are many 'flavours' of Linux, each with their pros and cons. The beauty of Open Source technology lies in the fact that it is adaptable to meet needs - which is where many of these distributions come from. Some of the distributions we work with regularly include Kubuntu (our office is powered by Kubuntu); Centos (Most of our web servers run Centos); Redhat; Debian and Gentoo.

Do you need a Linux server?  Whether you've outgrown your shared hosting and need a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server, or need to set up networking in your office we are here to help.

Virya Technologies specialise in working with Linux servers - from web servers to file servers to email and database servers and anything else in between. We can commission, set up and configure, troubleshoot, manage and support pretty much any 'flavour' of Linux.

Are you confident that your server is being managed properly?  Have you ever tested your security to see whether it's up to scratch?  Virya Technologies offers an independent server security audit which can be tailored to meet your needs - whether you want us to do an external test or to look within the server itself.

With over 15 years of experience supporting Linux servers, our team of friendly experts can provide remote or on-site assistance for all your needs. We have experience with most Linux distributions including Ubuntu; Debian; Redhat; Fedora; CentOS; Apache; MySQL and PostgreSQL.