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Below you will find White Papers written by the Virya Technologies teams on a range of topics relating to Open Source.

29 Mar 2012

Joomla 2.5 is the newest version of the Joomla! platform, bringing with it a huge list of bugfixes and new features.
Most components and modules have now been updated to work this release, as have the templates. So why wait?

Joomla 1.5 comes to the end of it's supported life in April, so if you haven't upgraded to 1.7 yet, follow my previous tutorial: Upgrade Joomla! 1.5.x to Joomla 1.7.x

In Joomla 1.7, there is a new way to update. You can either use this way, which is fine, or you can use Admin Tools

17 Aug 2011

Most businesses will create and rely on hundreds if not thousands of documents every year. We all recognise the importance of retaining these documents until we can be sure they are no longer required, but what of the other resources we use?

25 Jul 2011

Do you have a Joomla! 1.5.x website that needs upgrading to 1.7.x?

This tutorial will show you how, step by step.

01 Feb 2011

How do you know if your Joomla! website is being run effectively?  Have you had a Joomla! site created but not sure whether the security is up to scratch?  This article aims to give some tips to check against your website, which are drawn from standard security and 'best practice' guidelines.  If you have any other points you think we should add, please leave a comment!

17 Dec 2010


The Internet is awash with speculation following allegations that the IPSEC cryptographic stack in OpenBSD was furnished with a backdoor at the behest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The allegations were made by Gregory Perry in an e-mail to one of the founders of NetBSD - Theo De Raadt – and were published on the BSD mailing lists so that a code audit can be undertaken by those with an interest in doing so.

If such a backdoor does exist, it could allow the FBI (and conceviably others) to decrypt communications between servers, whether those communications take place over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or over a Secure Shell Connection (SSH).

This whitepaper will examine the precedents for this allegation as well as the potential impact that such a revelation could have on businesses around the world.

28 Nov 2010

Homogenous -

1.composed of similar or identical parts or elements
2.of uniform nature


Management love homogeneous networks; they reduce the amount of training needed, the number of IT Technicians to offer support and, of course, offer an opportunity to obtain bulk discount through volume licensing.

But in pursuing lower capital and maintenance costs, are these same managers opening their networks to attack?


12 Nov 2010

Many, many internet users maintain their own websites and blogs. For many, these represent an opportunity to share personal thoughts and opinions on a wide range of subjects. However, does maintaining such a site have implications for the authors ability to operate within a business?

In this paper, we’ll be examining the possible ramifications of maintaining a personal ‘blog’, this could be in the form of a standard website, a blog hosted on a variety of platforms or even use of social networks such as Twitter and FaceBook.

15 Aug 2010

There are very few companies that can afford not to maintain an effective web presence, even the goliaths that could survive without the added custom usually have some form of web service available. Maintaining a website doesn't need to be hard work and can provide your customers with the added value that generates sales. Many users; business and private, now use search engines such as Google to locate companies offering a service they require. If you don't have a website and your competitors do, you stand to lose countless customers.

29 Jul 2010

A home network is fantastically versatile resource, you can share media and files between PC's, you can even indulge in some home gaming but it does come at a cost. If you can access every computer in your home, there's a potential that someone else could too. This article examines the steps that you should take in order to maintain the health and security of your home network.

29 Jul 2010

Very few businesses can function without a network of computers. Be they Windows or *NIX based, communication is the name of the game. Unfortunately allowing your computers to communicate with each other does have inherent risks, whether that be malware or unauthorised access.

13 May 2010

Email, is it a useful utility or just another attack vector? This article aims to evaluate both the risks and the benefits of using e-mail for everyday tasks. 

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