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28 Oct 2012

With the abundance of social networks that spring up on an almost daily basis, you would be forgiven for emitting a dramatic sigh to hear that you need to start paying attention to another social network. But this time, really, you do!

07 Jun 2011


On 25th May 2011 a new European Union law came into effect relating to the use of cookies on websites, which has taken many by surprise and drawn attention to the data protection and privacy issues surrounding the storage of cookies by web browsers.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has given organisations in the United Kingdom one year in which to be fully compliant with this law, on the condition that they are actively taking steps towards achieving compliance.  This analysis looks at what cookies are, why we need them, the different types of cookies that are used, and what this law actually means.

29 Jul 2010

Password theft is a fast growing business, in the age of the internet a singular word or phrase is often all you need to verify your identity. Unfortunately this token is all that is needed for someone else to adopt your identity, and potentially commit fraud or criminal acts in your name.

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