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Virya Technologies has evolved over many years to become a leading provider of IT services, ranging from server management to website design and home PC support.  While we are based in Suffolk, UK we provide services around the world.

Originally formed as Essex Virus Removals in 2001, the company became Suffolk Computer Services in 2004 and offered predominantly small business IT support and website design.  Suffolk Computer Services was incorporated in 2008, and went from strength to strength over the next two years.

Due to the changing nature of the work being undertaken and the global market being served, the decision was taken to rebrand the company in 2010.  This also gave an opportunity to raise the profile of the ethical basis on which the business operates.

What does Virya mean?

Virya is an ancient Pali word which means "strenuous and sustained effort to overcome unskilfull ways, signifying a strength of character and a persistent effort for the wellbeing of others".  It can also be used to describe the energy to do good.  The origins are in an ancient set of texts known as the Pali Canon, which is a collection of the Buddha's teachings.  Within these teachings are the paramitas or paramis, meaning perfection or completeness.  Virya (or Viriya) is one of these, and is said to be a practice which helps in the path towards enlightenment.

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